Light Up Your Team

FanFuga is a new, free, app for sports fans to use whilst watching matches.

Just wave your phone and it will light up in your team’s colors.

FanFuga gives you new ways to express support for your team by creating visual effects on your phone that are synchronized across the whole crowd.

Currently the app includes all the teams in the following leagues:

  • Soccer: Premier League (UK)
  • Soccer: Championship (UK)
  • Ice Hockey: NHL (USA and Canada)
  • Ice Hockey: Elite League (UK)

More teams and sports will be added shortly.

Just Move Your Phone

FanFuga works by detecting various movements you make with your phone.

Currently there are five actions:

  • Show your team’s colors
  • Show you don’t like something
  • Celebrate something
  • Wave your phone
  • Mexican Wave

See the app Tour, or the help in the app itself, to see how each of these work.

Make A Scene

The app will connect to any other FanFuga users nearby in the crowd.

Any actions you trigger will be synchronized across the whole crowd – creating impressive visual effects in your team’s colors.

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