About FanFuga

FanFuga is developed in the UK by Curvor Limited.

It is a smartphone app that allows sports fans to express themselves visually. Currently the application is focussed on football and ice hockey in the UK, but more sports and leagues from around the world will be added shortly.

The user selects the team, or teams, they support. Then, once at a match, or in another group setting, they can move their phone to produce various visual effects.

In the background, the app connects to any other FanFuga devices around it, forming a peer to peer network. This works across all common iPhones, iPads and Android phones. The user doesn’t need to be connected to a mobile network or WiFi, as in most stadiums coverage is poor or non-existent.

The purpose of the app is to give fans an additional way of expressing their support for their team. They can join together with their fellow supporters to produce visual displays that express how much they like or dislike a certain event during a match. This in turn will then be broadcast on TV coverage or can be captured by fans sharing footage on social media.

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