FanFuga Tour

Add your favourite teams

If you have not yet added any teams then at the main screen press the + Add Team button (top right) which will take you to the My Teams screen.

If you already have teams added then from the main screen press the Menu Button (top left) and select My Teams from the menu.

Once at the My Teams screen press the + button (Android) or + Add button (Apple) and you will be asked to select the country, sport, league and finally team you want to add.

Add Team Screenshot

Select the current team and jersey

To change the current team you are supporting, or the jersey the team is wearing, press the Team Button (top right) that shows the current team and strip.

A selection window will pop up allowing you to choose which team you want to support, and what jersey they are wearing.

Click on the jersey you want to select and the white boarder will move to that strip.

Press the Done button when you are happy with your selection, or Cancel if you don’t want to change the jersey.

Choose Strip Screenshot

Show Your Team’s Colors

To show your team’s colors: turn your phone on its side.

It will flash your team’s colors, in sync with the rest of the crowd.

Don’t Like Something?

If you don’t like something: turn your phone upside down.

It will flash angry magenta or sickly green, depending on the league, in sync with the rest of the crowd.


To celebrate something: shake your phone, keeping it upright.

It will light up with a variety of effects in your team’s colors, in sync with the rest of the crowd.


For a different effect: wave your phone from side to side.

The screen will light up in your team’s colors in time with your waving motion.

Mexican Wave

FanFuga can detect if you are part of a Mexican Wave.

As you stand up and raise your hands in the air, or if you are already standing and you raise your hands in an arc, your phone screen will light up in your team’s colors.

This will cause wave of these colors to travel across the crowd.

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